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What remains... Anatomy of an artist : Being Mr X

by Michaela Ross, Josip Lizatovic, Gilbert Ratcliff and Olga Masleinnikova

21-22 May 2016
Siobhan Davies Studios, London, UK

Presentation of the work of Mr X, an artist resident at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. His improvised structures document the endless process of adjustment which occurs as he recalibrates his relationship to the spaces of the institution. Mr X uses his own body to determine the scale of each work, using arm and leg measurements as basic units, operating within the constraints (visible and invisible) imposed on him by the space and staff. Documentation of the making process with Mr X will be on display throughout the building.

From me, For you, About you:
Dynamics and Principles of Transformation  (2013-2017)

This research is the next level of my work about transformation. I am investigating the ambiguous notion of Energy and the interrelationship between the human psyche and human movement. In this ongoing, psychophysical experiment I explore the notions of intuition, awareness, collective, individual, general, specific, visible, invisible.  I listen to my questions to develop a methodology of intuitive enquiry.


divo company

17 February 2012,  Resolution! 2012
The Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London, UK

'Welcome, this is my mind' and so begins 'Angoscia', a multidisciplinary performance that blends movement, sound and video with a live poem. A transformative journey of a woman named Angoscia that highlights the funny, the awkward, the weird, the joyous and the painful parts of falling in love.


concept & direction - olga masleinnikova

text mary ann hushlak & olga masleinnikova

performance - mary ann hushlak, yukiko masui, anne-gaëlle thiriot

video and photo - maria kjartans

dramaturgy - mary ann hushlak

sound - biggi hilmars & maria kjartans

light design - azusa ono

As soon as they know me
divo - MADDID Company

14 April 2011  - The Others, London, UK

28 May 2011 - INCA Arts Space, London, UK

1-2 July 2011 - George Wood Theatre, London, UK

20-21 August 2011- Nordurpolllinn, Reykjavik, IC

A physical theatre piece which explores the notion of adapation to new surroundings and the human need for ongoing motion to escape vulnerability.


concept and performance - vala omarsdottir & olga masleinnikova

music - biggi hilmars

video - maria kjartans

text - snorri kristjansson

light design - fiorpjofur porsteinsson

design - jordi serra vega

6 minutes before

divo company
22-25 April 2010  - La Rêverie, Gent, Belgium

15 February 2010  - Resolution! 2010, The Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London, UK

19-20 June 2009  - Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, UK


A sensitive and orchestrated piece in which the audience witnesses a trio in mutation.


6 minutes before has been awarded with The Simone Michelle Awards for choreographic excellence at Laban Centre


choreography - olga masleinnikova

performed by guiomar campos, anastasia kostner, yukiko masui

light design - azusa ono

Death Variations

InSite Teater Company

11.02.2010 - 13.03.2010  - Bastionen, Malmo, Sweden


A divorced couple and their daughter in the shadow of a tragedy. The audience stands in the midst of the story to discover a landscape filled with theatre, dance, music and visual impressions.

Director - Ragna Weisteen Choreography - Olga Masleinnikova Stage set - Helga Bumsch

Light - Hans Roupe Sound - Jonas Åkesson

WithBirte Heribertson, Bertram Heribertson, Cecilia Hjalmarsson, Julia Högberg, Anders Svensson, Matthias Thorbjörnsson

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