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transformative coaching, mindset reprogramming, energy healing, private tuition

(next availability July 2024)


These sessions are for all age individuals, performers, actors, singers, dance practitioners, choreographers, directors, teachers and therapists. Sessions are confidential, tailored to each individual and are delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Available by zoom.


These sessions aim to assist in the following areas

 - Understanding structures of Body Language, Time, Movement and Space

 - Embodiment and expansion of your movement range

 - Audition preparation

 - Devising techniques, creative processes and new approaches to your practice

 - Analyzing, understanding and expanding your movement patterns and behaviour

 - Non-verbal communication, written communication and speech

 - Analysing, understanding and expanding your creative practice

 - Dance and Theatre education

 - Support and mentorship for an authentic artistic practice

 - Choreographic / Directing / Movement advice, guidance and structuring

 - Curation

 - Team work

 - Self - awareness, professional and personal development



drawing: Asisa Hafez





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