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Instrumental Body - Shifting Process

(participants testimonials below)


Instrumental Body - Shifting Process ( sold out )

5-9 August 2024 Brussels, Belgium

My workshops are suitable for actors, dancers, choreographers, directors, movers, performers, therapists, teachers or any curious minds or movement lovers wondering about expression, body, its structure, possibilities and language.


My work combines Contemporary Developments of Rudolf Laban's principles for performing arts (named Choreology), various movement psychophysical disciplines and my research around Energy Body. 


By the end of my workshops you will gain new perspectives on creating, improvising, performing, developing movement material, observing and directing performance. Besides you will be more aware of your personal patterns in motion and would connect creatively with an essential movement toolbox enabling you to move, observe and make inventive choices within your professional practice.

More About The Instrumental Body here



'Blown away...weekend with Olga Masleinnikova. My eyes have been opened to so many new possibilities!'  - student at English National Opera, Opera Works


'On Sunday, we worked with Olga Masleinnikova; choreographer, director and performance maker. Her ideas were based on the work of Rudolf Laban and consequent choreological studies. The focus again was on the body, but more importantly its relationship to movement and the space around it. She made us examine the ways in which we move and why; what feels organic, or natural, and inorganic. .. highly experienced practitioner demonstrated that while what we may do impulsively as performers may feel natural and the right thing to do, it’s interesting to explore alternative ways of moving that give you options when creating a character. Furthermore, it releases you from habitual physical tendencies and allows you to push the boundaries of what our bodies feel comfortable doing'. 

English National Opera, Opera Works review


'The workshop in Munich was a great experience! The group dynamic was warm! I had a very interesting time learning more about choreology and participating the in process of building different energies. It was very useful for my work. I enjoyed so much this lovely weekend in Germany, my body felt very free and alive afterwards. Thank you all !!!!!'  participant


' Thanks so much for this amazing weekend - Olga's energy is so warm and inspiring, her work opened my heart and my body - it was an honor for me to join' - Participant Munich


' Thank you Olga, your work has changed my perception and opened my mind to new perspectives and possibilities. Very inspiring. ' Participant Munich

'Thank you so much for this amazing weekend, sharing your energy and knowledge. Olga is  a great teacher. Amazing. I loved listening to her.' participant Munich


' .. Son énergie est communicative, son empathie et sa capacité de s'adresser à chacun selon ce qu'il est,  est remarquable ..' - article par Jacqueline Daloze ici


' A must .. ' - participant Vienna


' I really enjoyed the Berlin body workshop. It was organised very well by Laura and I really enjoyed Olga's facilitation.  For me there was a good mix of theory and practical work and they complemented each other in a very accessible way. I had just finished a physical theatre course in Berlin and this was a very good introduction and exploration. ' - Camilla Day, London, ex-psychiatrist, performance student, participant Berlin 


' Thank you for a great workshop!!' - participant Vienna 


' Thank you so very much for the lovely two days in Vienna. They made me so happy. I've learned so much. Wonderful experience! ' participant Vienna 


' Thank you again for a great weekend in Berlin! I enjoyed the workshop very much- it has given me inspiration and I feel like I've connected with my body and movement anew. I think the workshop was a perfect mixture of intensity and playfulness, moving freely in the space and listening carefully within. All of this whilst exploring and observing the world and the movement which makes it go round. I would definitely recommend it to anyone curious.' - Participant Berlin





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